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Something New – To Inspire

To start… I’d like to say hello to my new, and veteran readers!! I am truly honored to have anyone read anything I write! I absolutely love writing! I love sharing my thoughts, my passions, my struggles and the realities of everything in my life. I’m assuming that a few people out there might be able to relate to some of my musings. And if I can reach someone, somewhere, even if just for a “yep, been there, done that” nod of recognition, then I’m a happy girl…. and this is a really fun creative outlet for me! If I had the time (and someday I know I will!) I would write A LOT more!!

I’ve been busy lately!! There’s a lot that’s been happening behind the scenes, which is why I’ve neglected writing! I’m going to make a better effort though. I want to share the process with you all! And guess what?! I’m going to start a business! There’s a larger plan in the works, (and I’ll share the details as thing progress) but the first part of it is starting right here with this little page and my Instagram account. If you’re on Instagram with me, you may have noticed that I’ve been working on growing my account. I’ve been meeting so many incredible and talented people within the home decor industry. I’m working to team up with individuals whose styles inspire me. Looking for fellow decor accounts to collaborate with and hoping to inspire others along the way. With all of this, I’m going to start offering my decor services!! So, be on the lookout for a new page here at Hillside Farm, that will offer remote decor services. That means that you can ask for a consultation! You can send me photos of a room you want design advise on, your favorite colors, styles, budget…. and I’ll send you suggestions!

I love looking for beautiful, unique pieces to compliment a space! I love thinking of DIY’s that can be done to economically enhance a room! I love putting together patterns and colors, flooring and tile. Choosing fixtures and textiles that all work together in a space. Even though my personal style is quite eclectic, with a mix of rustic, industrial, farmhouse, a bit traditional and even some world menagerie, I love so many different styles! I can appreciate contemporary, traditional, beachy…. really I love the challenge of putting together what someone’s style is! I think most people probably like a combination of things. Home should be a place where you can be yourself. Where you can relax, feel inspired, be the best you that you can be! I’m hoping that I can help to give inspiration to others and make their space feel like the special, comfortable place it should.

What is MY style??? How do I find out what my style is? What is the value in having a styled space? These are questions I imagine might be going through your head… One word. Pinterest! If you want to find what you like, just scroll through pinterest and start pinning. Before you know it, you’ll start to see a pattern. It’s an easy way to discover what you like and what you’re drawn to. As you’re scrolling through pinterest and pinning all and everything that inspires you, take notice of how this makes you feel. Do you like to see beautiful things? Can you imagine yourself living in such beauty? Think about going on vacation, staying in a nice hotel. Do you know why hotels work so hard to make their spaces nice? Because nice spaces inspire people. A visually pleasing place will be a pleasant place to be. Nobody wants to stay in an ugly hotel! I know that when my home is put together in a way I prefer, I’m more productive and generally happier. My environment and what I surround myself with is going to impact my mood and my day. So I say, why not style the space you’re in the most, in a way you like?

In addition to adding a remote decor consultation page to Hillside Farm, I’m also going to be adding a “speaking engagement” page! My other passion is to speak words of encouragement to women. I think as women, it’s sometimes difficult to let our real lives show. Most people only see the perfect version of each others lives on social media. We play the comparison game and try our best to measure up to what we think everyone else’s lives are like…. Of course this is a generalization and kind of an exaggeration. We all know that there are daily struggles that nobody sees. Or even if we do see them, we still just need real, in person interaction. To see someone right there in front of you sharing real life struggles.

Even today as I’m trying to write, I’m struggling to find the balance in spending time with my kiddos and getting some work done. It takes me five times longer than it should to write a simple blog post. I have to re-read what I’ve written at least a dozen times because I have to start over every few minutes. The baby needs a nap. The toddler needs a snack. The big kids are fighting. The baby wakes up. The toddler fell off a chair. The baby need to eat. The big kids are finished reading and are bored. It’s time for lunch. The toddler needs a nap. I need to play with the baby…. the list goes on!!! yes, it’s worth it!

We all need to know that we’re not alone. Everyone has struggles with feelings of inadequacy. We all have moments of weakness. None of us is perfect and we all need encouragement. If I share about my life, the realities, struggles I’ve dealt with and how Jesus Christ has helped me overcome, then just maybe I can be an encouragement.

So that’s it! Writing, speaking and decor! They can all work together, I promise!! If I’m being completely honest, it’s scary to put this all out there! But, I don’t want to wonder what could have happened if I didn’t try. So I’m being brave, putting my insecurities aside. Now that it IS out there, I better get on top of these changes to Hillside Farm!!

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  1. Jacee, I love this post. And I’m so excited for you to start your next journey with home decor services and also speaking words of encouragement to others. You’ve been such an inspiration and support to others including me.

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  2. How exciting! I know you’ll be successful. And, I don’t know what ‘world menagerie’ is, but I’m sure you do it well!

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