Unruly Children

I know that my two youngest boys are often times unbearable to be around. Today was no exception! It was so miserable to be home with them that I just gathered them all up and we left as quick as possible. I figured a short trip to CVS would break up the day…. And I needed makeup anyway. They were of course terrible in the store. They both just screech, loudly, all the time!!! I have NO idea how to fix this! I’m trying, everyday!! But today, I just needed to get out! My super helpers, my two big boys each took a little in their own carts and drove them around the store while I spent five minutes looking for make up. As a reward, I bought them some ice cream. The line at the checkout was waaaay longer than usual!! Without the constant movement strolling around in the carts my littles started their REALLY LOUD screeching (okay, it’s screaming, happy screaming, and often times tantrums, but screaming none the less). I completely agree that it’s horrible. But there’s literally nothing I can do, and honestly I usually just ignore it, because I hear it ALL THE TIME. While I was waiting in line, and answering a Facebook question (yes, I know I probably shouldn’t have been on my phone), a short, fat angry man walked around the corner to ask what all the noise was about. I thought he was joking. I thought maybe he was trying to distract my kids by talking to them, trying to be helpful…. But when he continued with his hateful stare towards my kids I asked, are you serious? His answer was… Absolutely, I’m dead serious! I’ll spare you the rest of the conversation, as I didn’t conduct myself as well as I could have…. I DID manage to refrain from using the foul language begging to exit my mouth. He actually ended his end of the conversation by saying that he’s a retired police officer and that I was disturbing the peace!!! That’s when I just walked away. What was he going to do? Arrest me because I have loud unruly children?! I’m completely shaken by this confrontation and still upset. I’m writing this with emotions still raw as it JUST happened. I came straight home and started writing, right away. I’ll add one last detail… A sweet momma followed me out of the store to comfort me and give me a bag of m&m’s to share with my kids. Thank God for nice people who give us grace when we need it most….

8 thoughts on “Unruly Children”

  1. Im sorry you are feeling attacked. I cant even put myself in your place and dont know how id respond if i where there personally. please dont let bitterness steal your joy.i say this as if it is easy. mean people can turn what was suppose to be a moment of peace into something ugly. You are a strong women,i know you can rise above his ugly. You are a great mama .oxoxox to you. and what a blessing for the lady outside.

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  2. Just remember…. the fact that a nasty man approached you like that says more about him then it does for uou and the boys! If it helps… maybe he got some really crappy news and took it out in you.
    Take 10 deep breaths and let his ugliness out! Extra points for not going down the rabbit hole with language…. I don’t think I could say the same. Hugs!

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  3. I’m sorry about that man. I’m really proud of you for not attacking him with foul language. I know it doesn’t help much, but you were a fantastic example in front of your big boys. Everyone has their own way to feel important and being mean to you was his way today. Praying for you and your loud boys in the store and I’m asking for you to please pray for me and mine! My boy is the same and he’s 6! Love you my friend!

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    1. Thank you Jen. I feel like a terrible mom pretty much every day because they’re so hard to handle. I really don’t blame him for feeling disrupted. They’re super loud kids and I had honestly just checked out. I knew they were safe and couldn’t get hurt and I just didn’t really care about anything else…. I probably should have done something to subside their loudness. With that being said, he was just flat out uncaring and unkind about it. I just asked him what he wanted me to do about it and when he didn’t have any suggestions I told him to mind his own business and leave me alone. When he would leave me alone and followed me out of the store I told him I didn’t appreciate his behavior and that I didn’t care what he thought and I just got in my car and walked away. I was really angry and felt terrible that my kids had to see me speak to a stranger with that kind of anger in my voice. I pro should have just igno him altogether. I just couldn’t help myself…. And yes. I’ll pray for you too!!! 💕


  4. I am so sorry you have been under so much stress at the store. Some people should be helpful when they see a young mother with children who are not quiet. Others are just stupid if they think you approve that behaiver. God guided you to the proper action. 😊💕

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  5. Kids are kids – and just like us they are never perfect!! I am sorry that the man was so awful to you!! Clearly he can’t see when a mama just needs a minute! Like you said thank goodness for nice people – the lady with the m&m’s! Us moms have to stick together!! Hope today is a better day!!

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  6. Mom to Mom I can say I know just how you feel. I’ve had those days with my kids. Many days like that. In fact, my youngest had a melt down in Target today. It takes so much energy to be a Mom sometimes. It’s a constant juggling act. There’s lots of joy and there’s lots of stress. I’m sorry that man reacted so negatively when he should have made it a positive and helpful moment. I’m glad that woman was there to show you there’s love in the world through a kind act. Sending hugs to you my friend. ~Julie

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