Boxed muffin mix

Today is a nice cool, drizzly day. Which is a real treat for Southern California. There's nothing I love more than waking up on a cool morning and taking my time. I love spending way too long in my pajamas, leaving the beds unmade for half of the day and starting school after 9:00, sometimes... Continue Reading →

The Hillside Home

I recently had the privilege of designing my first home, that wasn't a DIY! And let me tell you, It was glorious!! Okay, well it wasn't completely perfect, but all of the parts that were supposed to be good, were. Seeing my ideas come to life by the hands of professional, experienced tradesmen was so... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Home

They have this saying for a reason. Home sweet home. I want my home to be just that. A place that is a sweet reprieve from the world. In the midst of the chaos that my family can be, I do what I can to make my home a warm, welcoming place. A place I... Continue Reading →

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